7 Reasons to Become a Gecko

There are so many reasons to come to Saipan International School. But to make a long story short, here are our top 7.


Supportive Environment

We are a small school that fosters an environment of support for others and pride in each other’s accomplishments. High schoolers mentor elementary students, elementary students read to pre-K, and teachers mentor students after school hours. One Gecko’s success is all of our success. We strive to give you the environment to excel.

Diverse Community

Our student body hails from Saipan, mainland US, Russia, Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, and Malaysia. Diversity on our campus allows for cultural learning moments in and between classes and meaningful relationships with someone from the other side of the world. We take great pride in the many cultures and backgrounds represented at SIS.

Passionate Teachers

Our teachers also represent many different experiences and places though they have all come to Saipan to be a part of the rich educational system here at SIS. Our teachers inspire students to do great things and guide them to learn the skills they need in the 21st century.

Academic Excellence

We are the only school in Micronesia with an AP Capstone program. Our students have the opportunity to learn college-level Physics, Biology, History, Economics, Calculus, Statistics, and Research methods. Life-long Geckos and short timers have found their way to Ivy League campuses and elite schools around the world. Our elementary and middle schoolers also excel at Math Court, Academic Challenge Bowl, and Spelling Bee. We set high standards and our students rise to meet them

Ambitious Student Body

Our students dream big and work hard to make those dreams become a reality. SIS students start clubs, self-study for AP exams, form study groups, develop working relationships with their teachers, fundraise, and go on to do great things.

Class Selection

SIS offers a wide variety of classes. Through core and elective classes, students have plenty of choices to find their area of interest. Elementary students take Mandarin, music, and PE classes in conjunction with their core classes. From middle school students can choose from variety of electives that range from robotics to art magazine. SIS is also the first school in Micronesia to implement an AP Capstone program for high schools students.


Our school more affordable than most private and international schools around the world. With our qualified teachers, college-level academics, engaging programs, and incredible opportunities for students; SIS is an educational bargain. Please contact us to learn more about pricing and funding opportunities at SIS.