What We Are All About


We also hold these virtues

to be an important part of the SIS experience.  We want all members of our community to incorporate them into their being.

Leadership: The learner demonstrates exemplary standards and is a role model for other SIS learners.

  • Motivate self and peers to achieve goals

  • Expect best of self and of peers

  • Be a follower when the situation calls for it


 Respect: The learner will listen objectively, seek conflict resolutions, and understand the value of working cooperatively and independently with regard for diverse cultures and viewpoints by developing the following skills.

  •  Treat others with dignity and courtesy

  • Accept and value different ideas and belief systems in others

  • Demonstrate teamwork and leadership skills


Initiative: The learner will set, pursue, and accomplish challenging personal goals in his or her education or career, and obtain personal independence through self-confidence by developing the following skills.

  •  Have a realistic and positive view of oneself

  • Develop skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle

  • Be willing to take risks in creating and developing ideas


Responsibility: The learner will meet his or her responsibilities in a timely and orderly manner.

  • Acts without needing strict supervision

  • Be accountable for own behavior

  • Meet deadlines including turning in homework and being to class on time

Perseverance: The learner will continuously develop recommendations and solutions to individual problems and apply learned skills to resolve each situation by developing the following skills.

  •  Adjust to and overcome obstacles in life

  • Choose commitments wisely and stick with them until they are completed

  • Continue to work on problems until they are resolved


Compassion: The learner will identify and develop personal values such as fairness, honesty, caring, tolerance, and self-control by developing the following skills.

  •  Be sensitive to the feelings and needs of others

  • Empathize with others holding differing values or opinions

  • Show care for others in need

  • Perform service for others.


Integrity:  The learner will be open and honest in all interactions with all people.

  •  Honestly evaluate the information being learned

  • Use the work of others only when they are given proper credit

  • Be honest in our interactions with all people