Giving to SIS


School tuition and fees cover the basic utilities, lease payment, and salaries of the faculty. Any extra materials or improvements are not possible without donations. Your generous donations improve our community in a number of ways. An example of how donations are used is our high school building. Without the donation from Tan Holdings, we would not have been able to afford this facility.


Help us recover From Typhoon Yutu

In October of 2018, the island of Saipan was slammed by Typhoon Yutu. SIS suffered sever damages and students went to school for most of the fall without power at home or at school. We are still trying to recover from the damage and losses we sustained.

ETC Donation

Educational Tax Credits (ETC) were created by Public Law 10-73. All companies that pay taxes to the CNMI government can use the ETC program to donate money directly to a school. The donation is deducted dollar for dollar from your BGRT. Watch the video to learn more about how ETCs work and how they are used at SIS.


Regular Donation

SIS is a nonprofit organization and you are allowed to donate money and claim it on your tax return. Even small amounts of money mean a lot to us.



Your time is valuable as well! We are always open to parents and community members visiting campus and sharing their knowledge and skills. Please feel free to contact us and schedule time to come to campus and help. This is our home and you are always welcome!